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Pyrometry Services

High quality calibration & testing services

With over 50 years of combined Pyrometry experience, ATP will provide quality service that will meet or exceed the strict aerospace Pyrometry requirements.

Our team will guide you through the Pyrometry Specifications such as, AMS2750, AMS2769, BAC-5621, GE P10TF-3, RPS-953, BAERD GEN-007, among others:

  • Calibration of Process Instrumentation Temperature, Vacuum, Pressure, Humidity, Dew Point, Voltage

  • Temperature Uniformity Surveys/Profiles

  • Radiation Surveys

  • Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Vessels

  • Various Types of Thermal Processing, Heat Treat Furnaces, Autoclaves, Cure Ovens, Drying Ovens

  • Thermocouple Installation 

  • Furnace Preventative Maintenance Program

  • System Accuracy Testing

Calibration Services

Equipment that we currently provide calibrations on:
Continuos Furnace.jpeg
Instrument Calibrations
  • Barber-Coleman

  • Honeywell

  • Eclipse

  • Yokogawa

  • Leads & Northop

  • Partlow

  • Dwyer

  • Chessel

  • West

  • Omega

  • Watlow

  • Omron

  • Love

  • Fluke

  • Thermo Electric

  • Cole-Parmer

  • Altek

Vacuum Furnace.jpeg
Vacuum System Calibrations:
  • Leybold

  • Televac

  • Inficon

  • Varian

Temperature Uniformity Surveys

ATP provides the necessary testing and certification to conduct temperature uniformity surveys and instrument calibrations with certified test equipment and materials to meet the strict specifications of the Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing and the Pharmaceutical Industries.

Equipment that we currently provide temperature uniformity surveys on:
System Accuracy Test.jpeg
  • Vacuum Furnaces

  • Tempering Furnaces

  • Stress Relief Furnaces

  • Annealing Furnaces

  • Integral Quench/Carburizing Furnaces

  • Solution Heat Treating Furnaces

  • Tooling Furnaces

  • Aging Ovens

  • Forging Furnaces

  • Nitriding Furnaces

  • Molten Salt Baths/Dip Brazing

  • Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

  • Curing & Drying Ovens

  • Food Processing & Baking Ovens

  • NDT Drying Ovens

  • HIP Vessels

  • Autoclaves

  • Continuous & Semi-Continuous Furnaces

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